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Mike Rich


My name is Michael Riche.  In 2006 I had an idea for replacing an operating device with a hydraulic unit. I purchased the materials and hired a machine shop to develop the required changes needed to adapt to the current operating device. I placed the unit in operation, and it has been operating daily since then. The required operation of the unit in this application is only about 5 minutes per day, however, Pump Jill is capable of operating 24 hours daily.

We obtained a patent. I shared this with a business person and his comment, after seeing the new operating device, was that he just witnessed the future and wanted to know when he could purchase one.

How it works

PUMP JILL is an inverted hydraulic cylinder in which the cylinder rod is connected to the existing sucker rods inside the well tubing.


PUMP JILL replaces the pump jack, motor, electric service, counterbalancing weights, polish rods, and stuffing boxes.


Hydraulic fluid is pumped into the cylinder thus lifting the attached sucker rods, and when fluid is released from the cylinder the sucker rods float downward into the tubing.


The up and down movements of the sucker rods activate pump parts deep down inside the oil well.


The rod end of the cylinder is screwed into the existing pumping tee thus sealing the well tubing up to 3000# psi so no well products can leak out into the environment of the well site.


The upper end of the cylinder may be useful to compress natural gas from the wellhead to gas sales markets.

PUMP JILL can be solar-powered and has the capability to be operated from the office or laptop computer/cell phone.

This device replaces a unit used for decades for the same cost to the owner and provides many additional benefits.

  • 100% Operational Safety is #1

  • Much more environmentally friendly

  • Greatly reduced maintenance

  • Extremely easier installation 

  • Easy & fun to operate

  • Pumps out paraffin easily

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